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Business people discussing projectLet’s face it, likable people have an easier time getting ahead than others. This is because people prefer to be around someone they like, rather than someone they don’t. #duh. While that might sound like bad news for some, the good news is that “being likable” is a skill – that means you can practice and learn it! In today’s episode, Chalene gives you 5 quick tips that will help you nail that interview, get that promotion, or just be more comfortable around other people and at parties.

* Lead with curiosity. Likable people are genuinely interested in others. Don’t blabber about yourself
Be curious and ask people questions. Figure out what you want to know about them prior to walking into the situation. Obviously don’t ever ask a woman if she is pregnant or how old someone is.
next time you walk into the grocery store, ask the person checking you out 3 questions.
once you no longer have questions for someone, it makes them think you no longer are interested in them.
* Listen actively, act engaged in the conversation, and when someone is speaking and be aware of your body language. Likability requires confidence and that shows in your body language.
* Don’t one up someones answers to your questions.
* Use their name, even if you have to ask their name multiple names. (“again can you tell me so I get it right… how do I pronounce your name?”) and respond by using their name “Jeff I really like that question”
* Be you times 2 – I don’t need to know all of your flaws in our first conversation but just be who you really are. Act like you are when you are hanging with a group of people that really like you. Thats when you are most likable… the way you talk, move, show confidence.

All skills can be improved with practice so this may not be as easy as I make it but you can practice being more likable.
It’s kind of simple actually, we like people who like us.

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