Podcast – How To Improve Your Relationships By Being Goofy!

Today, I’ll approach the subject of relationships (family, friends, co-workers, et al.) from an angle you don’t hear often. It’s all about goofing off! Look, nothing recharges and rejuvenates us quite like a good laugh, right? There’s something so special and life affirming about letting your guard down in front of others and just being silly. So in this episode, I’ll really drive this point home with tips on how to loosen up in many areas of life. You’ll also hear crazy fun personal anecdotes that are sure to get you to look at your relationships from a whole new perspective!


You’ll find out…

  • How you know you feel connected to someone
  • How many of us have been brainwashed since childhood not to goof off
  • Why valuing and being in sync with someone’s sense of humor is perhaps the most important thing in a relationship
  • Why laughing with people is a gift
  • One of the main reasons we don’t allow our kids to be silly
  • Why it’s imperative to teach your kids that having fun as a family is a priority
  • Personal anecdotes of goofy times at the Johnsons which will live forever in our memories
  • How to let loose at work and why you should — whether you’re the boss or not
  • My homework assignment for you


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