Podcast – Improving The Most Important Skill: Communication with Lori Harder

On this episode of The Chalene Show, you’re in for a real treat as I chat with, fellow podcaster, Lori Harder (Earn Your Happy Podcast). This conversation was an additional piece from our recent interview on her podcast and, because the topic is one we’re both super passionate about, I thought I’d include it for you here! What’s the ever intriguing subject? Communication! Look, how you communicate with others will determine how they perceive and receive you. And, not to mention, has the ability to make or break any type of relationship. Get ready for an enlightening dialogue that feels much more like a good talk between friends than an interview!


You’ll hear…

  • My personal story on how I prompted my family to face a difficult conversation and how we dealt with it
  • What to do in a situation where you lose control (i.e., you’ve been triggered!)
  • How Bret and I recently handled an ugly situation at work
  • How I’ve evolved in my communication skills — from public speaking life to personal relationships
  • Why and how Lori went from being fearful of feedback to loving it
  • My suggestion for those who’ve been avoiding feedback (but want it)
  • Why I don’t look at reviews for my books
  • When I’ve gotten feedback I knew I’d reject
  • What I need to have peace in my life
  • Why I resist networking opportunities
  • Why Lori feels I’m a mentor to her
  • Why the more people who look to you, the more people you’ll disappoint
  • What Lori is now accepting of in her life (bringing her more peace)
  • How Lori and I bond over being outgoing introverts
  • In which areas of my life I currently have trouble communicating
  • The challenges (and irony) of having your employees listen to your message
  • My epiphany as to why I’m repelled by victimhood
  • Lori’s huge trigger
  • The type of person Lori is attracted to in friendship



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