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Today, we’re talking about launching a product properly. In this episode, I take you through a product launch formula that I’ve been trying out this year based on my experience with informercials. Now, before you get ahead of yourself, this episode is second half of Saturday episode titled, “Creating a Plan to Launch”. So, make sure you go back and listen to that first.

Alright. So, we’re picking up at meeting #3 of our Long Form Webinar Launch:

#3: Pre-video meeting

I want all of the details to be handled the day before filming starts. Since I personally don’t use a teleprompter, I think it’s important to spend some time the day before we film going over all of the information that needs to be touched on during the shoot. In addition to answering a ton of little questions (“What am I wearing?”, “Where are the cameras going?”), we also go over all of the important bullet points that I have to address during the video itself.

By taking this 1-2 hours the day before, I have eliminated most of the stress that I used to feel the day of the shoot and we end up with a much better final product – and, I just have more fun.

#4: Filming Day

It’s important to prepare for a day on the set like you would any other day. For me, I wake up early, work out, hang with my family, and then take some time to relax and focus. The goal is to be comfortable and confident while on the set – that will give us the best finished product! Additionally, I find that it’s helpful to have someone in charge of ensuring that everything looks great – make-up, wardrobe, lighting, hair – anything that might reflect on you positively (or negatively).

Having people around to bounce ideas off of is also very important. I like to have a mini focus group available to keep me on my toes and to help ensure that my messages are clear and useful. But, before heading in front of the cameras, I make sure to spend 10-15 minutes alone and focus on my audience: Who are they? What are they wanting to get from this video? What do they need? This helps me focus my delivery and helps me connect with my audience. Lastly, I’ll give myself some positive talk to get pumped up and energized for the camera.

Then: Shooting begins!

Hire people to help you. Saving time equals saving money, after all. In addition to the savings, by hiring consultants and experts to shoot your videos, your video is going to look better. Plan and simple. So, this is a no-lose situation. Consider thinking creatively to find someone who might be starving for the experience (talented art school or high school students, for example).

Who is on set?

It’s important to delegate different responsibilities to whoever is on set with you. I found it’s useful to have someone in charge of visual elements (hair, lighting, make-up, wardrobe), note-taking (for editing and catching errors), strategy (analyzes message and focuses the call-to-action), and technical (camera, lights, sound).

I am a student of the product launch formula designed by Jeff Walker. I will review his stuff before each launch, but now we’ve started to make some changes outside of his formula – by applying some of the lessons we’ve taken away from infomercials. Brilliant!

Our Long Form Webinar Launch was a HUGE success. We were able to record our videos in half the time and make seven figures in the process. Our most successful launch ever!

If you’d like to see one of the videos, just text the word WEBINAR to 949.565.4337 or, if you’re outside of the United States, go to

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