Podcast – Increase Instagram Reach by Doing These 4 Things Immediately After Posting | Instagram Algorithm 2018 Hack

Simple Action Steps to Increase Instagram Reach

Increase your Instagram reach and engagement with these for tips from Brock Johnson. In this episode, he covers 4 steps to take immediately after posting to Instagram (or Facebook). This will increase the visibility and life of your post. Additionally, you’ll get more people interacting with you. What you do in the first few minutes after posting is crucial. These best practices will help you “save” your post and hack the 2018 Instagram algorithm.

The clock is ticking! As a result of the most recent Instagram algorithms, the amount of engagement and visibility your post gets boils down to what you do in the first couple of minutes after you post. It’s all about timeliness, interest, and the relationship you have with the people who follow you. Therefore, if you want to increase your Instagram reach, follow the four steps covered in this episode.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Increasing Your Instagram Reach: 

  • The 3 things the 2018 Instagram algorithm prioritizes in determining your Instagram reach: timeliness, interest, and relationships. (1:45)
  • The 4 steps you must take immediately after posting to increase your Instagram reach. 
  • Have your hashtags ready, where to put your hashtags and why. (3:00)
  • Share your post to Instagram stories in this specific way. (4:50)
  • Interact with people who leave comments immediately. (8:30)
  • Talk about your post on your story. (9:30)
  • Incentivize quick comments from your followers with rewards, giveaways and shoutouts. (10:20)
  • Use Instagram pods to increase Instagram reach. (11:55)

increase instagram reach

I hope you enjoyed this quick yet effective Build Your Tribe episode on increasing your Instagram reach! If you enjoyed this episode and want to know more about Instagram Pods, check out Brock’s recent episode “How to Hack Instagram Growth Reach and Engagement using Instagram Pods.”

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If you liked this episode, check out “How to Hack Instagram Growth Reach and Engagement using Instagram Pods.”


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