Podcast – From Alcoholic Young Mom to Motivational Speaker: The Journey of Addiction and Recovery with Kelsey Humphreys

Who is Kelsey Humphreys? She’s an incredibly talented woman (singer, rapper, motivational comedian, speaker, author, mom, and business owner). And she also happens to be a recovering alcoholic. Kelsey and I share a candid conversation about life before and after she became sober. This is a very valuable episode — whether you’re questioning your own sobriety or know someone struggling with an addiction or simply want to feel inspired by someone who turned her life around big time!

You’re going to learn…

  • Kelsey explains what it was like deep in her addiction and the catalyst for her changes
  • What were some of the signs for Kelsey indicating her problem was real
  • If Kelsey’s addiction happened quickly or over time and if it runs in her family
  • Was Kelsey able to keep her addiction a secret?
  • Is it acceptable to interfere when you know someone is struggling with addiction?
  • Ways we shouldn’t approach people with an addiction because it’ll drive them further away
  • What recovery looks like from day to day — especially in those early stages
  • How to support someone in recovery
  • My personal story on discovering Bret’s gambling addiction
  • Did Kelsey have to go back to past traumas to heal from addiction?
  • How has getting sober changed Kelsey’s speaking career?
  • The time Dave Ramsey’s people called and why
  • When the interview ended, mic still hot, and the candid eye-opening conversation that transpired



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