Podcast – Keto Diet For Women with Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit

Leanne Vogel is the host of The Keto Diet Podcast. She’s also the author of several best selling books about keto (her latest, specifically, deals with how keto can be very different for women). On today’s show, we talk about her past struggles with eating disorders, orthorexia, body image, and even overdoing it with keto. Everyone will find this episode relatable as we go into so much more than diet, though! If you really care about your mental health, spiritual wellness, and succeeding on the journey to being a better human… you’re going to love this show!


You’ll find out:

  • How Leanne was light years ahead of most when it comes to eating (e.g., diet phasing)
  • When Leanne’s eating disorders started
  • If you can look at someone and know they have an eating disorder
  • Did Leanne discover a correlation between eating disorders and her past (i.e. competitive dancer, kicked out of the house, etc.)?
  • What Leanne thinks of therapy
  • How Leanne’s body responded to being a raw vegan
  • When Leanne shifted the way she fuels her body (to be interested in a ketogenic diet)
  • How Leanne lost “hormone weight”
  • The obsessive behaviors re: eating  / body that became red flags for Leanne
  • Leanne’s evolving and ever-changing path on the food / diet train
  • Why Leanne began to work with a body image coach
  • What I define as “informed eating”
  • What are some of the biggest differences that women need to consider when they’re trying keto
  • If you need to be concerned about the quality of your animal protein at all times
  • If Leanne tracks her ketones and macros.
  • How Leanne handles her (sometimes) obsessive audience
  • Leanne’s personal meditation (breath work) practice (as she guides us through it)
  • Why you can’t fall off the bandwagon (re: your diet)
  • How to reverse being judgmental of others
  • The most common reasons why women gain weight after being on keto for a while
  • What picking the right food for YOU really means



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