Diet And Fitness Culture Can Kill Your Vacation Vibe

Bret and I have been traveling Europe for almost a month now. While I have certainly limited my social media posts, I continue to share quick snapshots from the trip. And, quite frankly, I’ve been quite surprised by the flood of questions in regard to my diet and workout routine (while traveling). 

So today, I decided to raise this topic with you — as it’s clearly a very crucial and topical conversation. I speak from the heart, with no notes, and get super candid — revealing my innermost thoughts and feelings on diet and fitness culture. 

This (often) unhealthy mindset has become quite present and consuming in every aspect of our lives — stealing the joy from amazing experiences (like, vacation and travel).


You’ll find out:

  • Why I stopped doing consumer fitness videos
  • Why I used to be afraid to go on vacation
  • The conversation I overheard that messed with my brain
  • Why/when/how I got over all my issues with diet/fitness on vacation (and, in general)
  • Specific questions I’ve been asked re: diet/fitness on this vacation
  • Why trends in fitness and diet will never work
  • How your body will tell you what it needs
  • Why my past workout routine wasn’t sustainable
  • Why I think I may have had body dysmorphia
  • What helped me get through diet/fitness culture and find freedom
  • The importance of doing what works for you and your body



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