Podcast – Leaving Neverland | A Therapist’s Perspective

How to heal as an adult when you’ve been abused — physically or sexually — as a child

This is an episode probably best listened to without the children around. My good friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno, and I have a heart to heart about the new HBO documentary series: “Leaving Neverland”. Get ready for a lot of open and honest convo! Also, Dr. Mcayla gives her amazing insights — from child abuse to celebrity — from a therapist’s perspective.



You’ll also find…

  • Is it possible to dissociate the artist from the man (and still listen to MJ’s music)?
  • What is the true definition of idolize?
  • Why the parents of the accusers refused to see reality
  • A personal story with my daughter, Cierra, and a near-miss experience with an abusive coach
  • How the response to your sexual abuse – by those you love most – is often more traumatic than the abuse itself
  • How do you respond as a parent when your child opens up about abuse?
  • And, of course, the importance of good therapy!



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