Protect Your Online Business! What You Need to Know Now with Autumn Witt Boyd

Legal Protection: Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

The first thing we need to address when it comes to legal protection is… what the heck are intellectual property rights? You know those brilliant new ideas you dream up? Well, those are incredibly valuable and they need to be protected. Autumn Witt Boyd, the creator of the podcast Legal Road Map, returns to BYT for the second time to help those of us who are building online businesses to protect our online empires. Listen in to learn what your common law trademark rights are, learn how to calculate your risk tolerance, find out how you can perform an evaluation of the marketplace, and more!

Autumn Witt Boyd is the person to go to if you’re questioning the legal protection of your business. If you have created an online business, but haven’t yet observed the security of your business name or the concept that makes your business what it is… you’re going to want to listen in. Autumn will provide you with profound advice that will save you from getting into serious (and expensive) trouble in the marketplace.


Intellectual Property (IP):

Sometimes it gets a bit tricky when you think of an Intellectual Property (idea) and someone else copies it, tweaks it slightly, and calls it their own. Autumn will address why you CAN’T trademark an idea (which means your idea can be copied), but you CAN trademark your unique method (nobody can touch this and get away with it). This method can often be visualized as a worksheet or a series of steps that are solely unique to your business.


Legal Protecrtion

What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Legal Protection for Your Online Business:

  • What are Intellectual Property Rights? (2:00)
  • What happens if someone is using the business/website name that you want, but you assume they are doing something completely different with their branding? (6:00)
  • What if someone files for a trademark and then abandons it? (6:10)
  • What are common law rights and unregistered trademarks? (6:30)
  • Do you always need to trademark your business name? (8:56)
  • How often should you perform a search to evaluate the marketplace? (9:40)
  • What if someone has reserved an Instagram name but they aren’t actively using it? (10:00)
  • What is your risk tolerance? AND how to calculate it. (10:20)
  • You can’t copyright an idea. (18:50)


I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did! Autumn is incredibly knowledgeable in the marketplace. She has provided my husband and I with so much confidence when it comes to monitoring the legal protection of the ideas we dream up together. We no longer feel like our dreams and brilliant ideas will hold us back or bite us in the butt. Thanks to Autumn Witt Boyd, we now know how to protect our IP… so we will keep dreaming on!


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