Podcast – Let’s Talk About Sex, with Chalene and Bret

Disclaimer: This episode is best listened to without the kids around! I took to Instagram and asked my followers for any questions they might have for both Bret and myself. And, out of all the topics, questions about sex were — by far — the most frequently asked! So, TMI isn’t a thing today as we answer everything from: how often do we really have sex, how our sex life has been since the surgery, what if one person wants more sex than the other, sex toys, and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Who initiates the intimacy in our relationship
  • Why it’s easier to talk about certain sexual things with a therapist’s supervision
  • How to tell your spouse you want more sex
  • How hormones play a role in your sex drive
  • Our preferred time of day for sex
  • Was I Bret’s type when we first met?
  • Who is most likely to bring toys into the bedroom?
  • How to make sex a priority when you’re busy
  • Bret’s answer to what men find sexually gratifying
  • How Bob living with us may (or may not) have affected our sex life
  • Have we ever felt like we were supposed to have sex?
  • Shower routine before sex
  • Was sex ever “not so great” with us?
  • How to keep things interesting (in our sex life) after so many years
  • How long is our average session 
  • How Bret felt about me downsizing my breasts
  • Do we have sex during my period?
  • Supplements I take to keep everything balanced (and improve my sex drive)



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