Podcast – Life Is A Gift and You Are Blessed | CarSmart Edition

On today’s inspiring episode, I get a little emotional as I open up and share recent challenging life updates, including: the passing of a very close friend, the status of a dear friend’s terminal cancer, why I decided to cancel Team Johnson’s holiday party, and more. This holiday season has been life changing for me and I’ll explain — with the hope it helps you, too — how all of these circumstances have brought me peace.


You’ll hear:

  • Why I make sure to record all of my Friday CarSmart episodes the day before (on Thursday) so they’re as current as possible
  • Why Bret lies to me about the time we need to arrive anywhere
  • The importance of living in the moment
  • What I’m learning from recent loss in my life
  • The transparent conversation I just had with my staff
  • Why mindset is the ONE thing you can control
  • Why we must always put things into perspective
  • How I know (the signs I receive) when I’m feeling tension in my life



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