Podcast – A Life Update from Chalene and Bret

On what has become a Friday staple, today, Bret and I share a life update on all the Johnsons: Brock, Cierra, (fan fave) Bob and, of course, us!


You’ll find out:

  • Where to look out for a new job with Team Johnson
  • Nail salon escapades (including, Bret taking off his shirt)
  • What Brock and I geek out on together (and why I love it)
  • Cierra’s role with Team Johnson
  • Why / how Bob had an all-pro week
  • My disclaimer / venting on Alzheimer’s recommendations from my audience
  • Bob’s new medicine dosage and how it’s affected him (and his sleep)
  • New research on MCT Oil as it relates to Alzheimer’s and how we’re experimenting with it for Bob
  • How Bret feels driving in the car with Bob these days
  • How Bret and I have changed our schedule this week to provide us with more (much needed) alone time
  • How I feel re: anyone who might say we’re being exploitive in sharing Bob’s Alzheimer’s journey
  • A recent public experience with someone who watches my content



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