Podcast- A Life Update from Chalene

Today, you’ll be getting a personal life update where I talk all the things, like: cosmetic surgery (my own included), a big secret from my daughter’s love life (that not even she knows) and, of course, updates on everything Bob!


You’ll find out:

  • My thoughts on getting cosmetic work done on one’s body / face
  • Why I love getting work done on my face
  • How to find a good injector
  • My favorite facial product
  • Why I know my daughter has found her soulmate
  • How sleep issues are so common with Alzheimer’s patients
  • Why, maybe, Bob looks gaunt (when he’s still eating a proper diet)
  • How TikTok videos have been extraordinarily helpful in coming up with ways to help Bob (and our living situation)
  • A quick recap of The Chalene Show episodes this week



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