Life Update | Truth About Extended Travel, Kids Arrived and Time Blindness

Welcome to another episode of The Chalene Show! I’m back with another life update direct from France. Join me as I share the latest happenings in my life, including the arrival of our kids for a special visit.

I’m known for my honesty, and I’m going to open up about the less glamorous side of traveling for an extended period. Get ready to hear my candid thoughts on the challenges I’ve faced, including a recent injury and my personal struggle with time blindness, especially while being on the move.

As always, my transparency and vulnerability will resonate with you, as I share my authentic experiences and how I cope with the ups and downs of life. This episode is a true window into my world, where I don’t shy away from discussing the realities that come with pursuing a travel-filled lifestyle.

This episode also features a special “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) segment. If you want the full transformation experience and a chance to see me without makeup, head over to my YouTube channel to see what products I use as well as my techniques for applying my makeup.

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