A Deep Dive into Lip and Under Eye Enhancement and Fillers | with, Beauty By Dr. Kay

I received so many follow-up questions after Dr. Kay’s episode (last week), so I decided to invite her back for a deep dive into lip and under eye fillers and enhancements.

We discuss the importance of picking the right practitioner, filler migration, what to do if you hate the filler you’ve received, the procedure for reversal (if any), the average cost of said procedures, when fillers don’t do the job (and it might be time for surgery) and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Review of what we talked about last time
  • Everything you need to know about lip filler migration (and why it feels like a new phenomenon)
  • How to avoid having any problem with lip filler migration
  • Is it common for lip filler to look unnatural?
  • Should patients be charged for bad work?
  • What it costs to dissolve the filler
  • Thoughts on using a dental block during injections
  • How much is too much volume (re: lip fillers)
  • Is there a guideline for how many syringes one should use (re: lip fillers)?
  • How to prevent yourself from becoming addicted to fillers
  • Why your filler may be feeling rock hard
  • Trends that are more subtle in changing your lips permanently
  • Why you may want to adjust your lips (after the procedure)
  • Areas of the face where you might dissolve filler
  • Why under eye filler can be tricky
  • How long to wait before knowing “the work” on your face looks right/okay




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