Podcast – Are You Living a Lie?

The Why Behind The 131 Method

It’s a quite unsettling feeling to look back on the last two decades of your life, only to discover that you’ve been living a lie.

What I mean is… I’ve had an awakening. I’ve had to take a cold hard look at the actions, behaviors, messaging, and lack of responsibility I had taken for my health. Perhaps, even more-so, because I was — and still am — a health and fitness leader. 

It’s shocking to me now to admit to the choices I made, the things I agreed to, and the advice I gave others.

There was no gun held to my head. I made all decisions voluntarily and many in an effort to battle my own imposter syndrome.

In this episode I share with you a look into what it was like, what I was thinking and how I got wrapped up into this lie and what I did to change it.

I also share with you one of the most personal chapters of my new book 131 Method.



You’ll also find…

  • Different diets and fitness exercises I tried over the years
  • My unhealthy lifestyle choices to achieve the “perfect” body for fitness videos
  • The drama behind shooting an exercise video as your unhealthiest self
  • Why we, as a society, are unhealthier now than we were decades ago
  • How and why I came up with what is today known as 131 Method
  • What went into the testing process of pre-131 Method (AKA Diet Beta Test)



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