Podcast – How to Make Friends as an Adult, with Danielle Bayard Jackson

Today, I continue my series on friendship! As promised, I searched high and low for an expert to help in answering your questions (from Instagram). Welcome, Danielle Bayard Jackson — certified friendship coach and national speaker, dedicated to teaching women how to create and maintain meaningful female friendships. You’ll hear us dig deep into all things related to friendship and, most especially, the best way to meet and maintain adult friends!


You’ll find out:

  • Why doing personal work will better your friendships
  • Danielle’s trajectory / evolution into becoming a certified friendship coach
  • The value in joining a “club” and how to make the most of it
  • How mindset plays into making / keeping friends
  • The romanticization of female friendship (i.e., in social media) and how it can have a negative effect on us
  • Why it’s imperative to establish a routine in your daily life to establish friends and what that might look like
  • What is it that makes a friendship a deep friendship
  • How much time it takes to make a true friendship
  • What is Dunbar’s number
  • How many close friends our brain can actually handle
  • Which 3 things you need to feel deep in a friendship
  • What is Frientimacy
  • How to handle fear of rejection in making new friends
  • How to know if you are, indeed, being rejected (and learn how to take the cues)
  • Danielle’s take on those who say people can’t be trusted
  • Advice for women who think life would be so much different if they had the right friend

Some questions Danielle tackles on the show:

  • As a mom, how do I make quality friendships when I don’t relate to the moms of my kid’s friends?
  • I’ve recently moved to a new area. There’s Covid, too. I’m having such a hard time meeting women, locally.
  • I find it almost impossible to make friends because I’m an introvert.


Making friends as an adult with Danielle Bayard Jackson

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