Podcast – How to Make Money IMMEDIATELY | Coronavirus Crisis Mode

This is a special season of Build Your Tribe where I’m only talking about what’s on everyone’s mind: The Coronavirus Crisis. And for many of you, your thoughts and concerns are wrapped around what you can do to make money right now. Cashing in your 401K and/or selling all of your assets is not a reality you’d like to consider! So, in this episode, I’ll share things you can do — if you’re in an urgent situation — to get cash today.


You’ll hear:

  • The reason why I want to continue to talk about the Coronavirus
  • Why and how you should immediately sign up to become a freelancer
  • Why and how (with supportive job examples) to get the word out to people you’re available
  • Inspiring voice messages from listeners who started profitable side hustles
  • Different kinds of private training / teaching / coaching you can offer
  • How to make extra money selling what’s in your house right now (that you don’t want or need)
  • The brilliant idea my friend Monica and her husband came up with to keep their CLOSED cycling studio open for business


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