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Really, what I think I’m probably most passionate and purpose-driven by is helping other people create businesses online because the opportunity is “ ridonculous” which is bigger than ridiculous. And I love to teach people how to build businesses, but not just build businesses, build businesses that run themselves. And I’ve taught tons of people how to do this. I’ve also taught tons of people how to be very successful in business but they’re still running their business. They’re still killing themselves.  What’s the point of being a millionaire, or making six figures if you are truly just an employee? And it’s actually worse than being an employee because you’re working 50, 60 hours a week or you’re never able to shut it off or turn it off. You’re showing up here and spending time with me, like, dude, I owe you. So my gift is this—a delegation list that I’m going to give to you for free. And it’s pretty general but we’ve given this to maybe 9,000 or 10,000 people.

It’s everything that you probably don’t even realize that you’re doing. This is going to help you get a grip on your life and all of the things that you do and some – and a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing, and all of the things that you – that really make the needle on your business move. And then all of the stuff, it’s just kind of minutia and you get stuck doing it all the time. I’m going to give you this checklist. I think it’s incredibly valuable. It’ll get your wheels turning. It’ll be an eye-opening experience. This is going to drop your jaw.

Delegation Check List

So that’s your first step.  Download the delegation check list, then next we start to take steps towards you getting more of your life back.

So next we’re going to talk about the outsourcing mindset. Now, there is in my mind the tipping point in our business, was when we were broke and I don’t mean a little broke. I mean, massively in debt, because we were spending everything that we were making, not being extravagant, but by spending money on the wrong things, assuming that we needed to invest in things that it wasn’t time for us to invest in. And the things that we weren’t investing in were people, unfortunately.

So I’m going to teach you how to outsource to amazing people who are really, really talented for less than $4 an hour. Not even minimum wage here in the United States. Now, it might be minimum wage in other countries, but here in the United States, if you personally are earning more than minimum wage, you have got to start outsourcing.

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