Podcast – Making Money on Patreon and Content Creation with YouTuber Craig Benzine

Today, Brock talks with Craig Benzine super popular YouTube creator.  In fact, his main channel is about to hit 1 Million subscribers! Brock and Craig cover a wide range of topics, including an in-depth discussion on Patreon. You’ll learn how it works, the benefits of utilizing it as a second stream of income and why you don’t need a huge following to make money on that platform. Craig also shares how and why he started his YouTube channels and why he is, particularly, loving the type of content he is creating today!


You’ll find out…

  • My personal thoughts re: what we’re talking about on this show during our current climate and how I plan to move forward
  • Different tiers that Patreon features
  • How Craig defines Patreon
  • The benefits of Patreon vs a general membership site
  • How Patreon has become its own sort of social media platform
  • How often Craig posts on YouTube & Patreon these days (between all his channels)
  • The perks Craig features on his Patreon
  • How most creators tend to utilize Patreon
  • Why members of Patreon are more about the creator than the perks (and how that relates to Kickstarter)
  • Why having a small following (on Patreon) may be more in one’s favor than having a large following
  • Craig’s mainstreams of revenue
  • How Craig initially began posting and producing multiple times a day on YouTube
  • Craig’s advice to those afraid of starting on social media
  • Why Craig’s content features less “silly nonsense” these days
  • Where Craig’s authenticity comes from
  • What’s next for Craig
  • Where Craig’s inspiration for his 30 Day Challenges came from (which gave his channel new life)
  • The fear Craig had in the beginning of his YouTube days (and does he still have it?)
  • What motivates Craig, today, to create content
  • The transition for Craig from “regular job” to content creator
  • What Craig would do differently if he could go back in time



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