Drank Too Much, Embarrassing Mammogram, Refused My Pap Smear, Crazy Colonoscopy Prep and Mortifying Moments On A Cruise Ship With Irritable Bowels

This is not your Mom’s medical recap. If you’ve ever felt awkward at the OBGYN or getting some medical procedure done, I can top it this week. 

Listen in to hear my hilariously real experiences, embarrassing moments and the best tips I can share to make the most of your next annual check-up. 

Be prepared for some serious comedy and real rawness. In this one you’ll get: 

  • The embarrassing moment on board a cruise ship 
  • Irritable bowels
  • Apologizing after drinking too much 
  • Getting weighed at the doctors 
  • My fitness infomercial weight
  • What to expect during your mammogram
  • Mammograms with implants 
  • What to do when a fan walks in 
  • Being ill-prepared for your annual OBGYN visit 
  • Refusing a Pap smear 
  • Laxatives 
  • Easy Colonoscopy prep
  • Post colonoscopy 
  • Big changes coming to the show – announcement on Friday 
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