Podcast – How to Manage Young Kids and Build a Business | Real Talk from Parents in the Trenches

Over the course of the last year, I’ve interviewed several entrepreneurs who have built a business with small children at home. But how did they each, individually, balance family while building a successful business? This is a question I’m very passionate about and asked each of these guests off the record, if you will. Well today, for the 1st time, you’ll finally hear their very honest answers & advice! Build Your Tribe guests included: Greg Todd, Cathy Heller, Alison Prince and YouTube strategist, Erika Vieira.


You’ll find out…

  • Why you should go into airplane mode for your life to build your business with no distractions
  • How to deal with comparison in the entrepreneurial world
  • How to strive for balance between work and family
  • The value of writing down every night what you want to accomplish the following day
  • The importance of reminding yourself that your life right now is a season
  • Dealing with mom guilt
  • Why it’s key to plan and sacrifice in both your business and home life
  • How Bret and I prioritized our family when our kids were still living at home



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