Podcast – Manifest an Amazing End of the Year

Chalene is confident that if you listen to this episode and put it in the work, amazing things will happen to you in the very near future! Today, you’ll learn how to manifest the right way, why manifestation isn’t about attaining things or setting goals and how faith plays an intricate role in the process.


You’ll find out:

  • Why many beliefs about manifesting / the universe / vibrations often leave me bewildered
  • My spiritual journey re: beliefs and thoughts and self-worth
  • Why manifesting the right way starts with recognizing negative beliefs you have around that which you want
  • Why we often manifest the wrong way
  • How manifesting is different from goal setting and why
  • Why you have to focus on what you already have to get what you want
  • Why faith plays an intricate part in manifesting a feeling
  • What is Cognitive Dissonance and how it plays into us manifesting our realities unknowingly
  • Why I’ve let go of my need to control things
  • How to regain control when things are chaotic
  • Why I fear we’ve normalized feeling sad



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