Podcast – Simple Morning Routine to Manifest Greater Abundance in Your Life with Danette May

I welcome Danette May — high-performance coach and mentor to millions, whose passion is to help people step into who they were meant to be. Today, Danette’s newest book, Embrace Abundance, inspires the conversation. You’ll hear why we should strive for abundance in all areas of life (not just finances), the inspiration for her book, and simple morning routines to manifest greater abundance in your life!


You’ll find out:

  • The environment Danette was raised in
  • Beliefs/thoughts (from childhood) that were programmed in Danette’s subconscious mind (that never served her)
  • Why abundance is your birthright
  • The difference between hope and abundance
  • How self-worth plays a role in abundance
  • How talking with Danette, today, made me realize I’ve always had a scarcity mindset re: rest/health/nutrition
  • What manifesting really means (from a tactical standpoint)
  • The undercurrent Danette attributes her growth to
  • What is a frequency re: your thoughts and body
  • An exercise to bring more (frequency of) love into your life
  • What is soul writing
  • The connection between intuition and abundance
  • Danette’s advice for parents re: developing abundance habits in their children



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