Podcast – A Convo with My Mom and Dad on How to Be Married for Half a Century | CarSmart Edition

What does it take to be married for over half a century? In today’s CarSmart episode I take a ride with my parents, Bill and Marge!!! They talk all about marriage and parenting, what the toughest times were and how they worked through them. And I (of course) dig deep with my parents and get all the tough questions answered while also sharing all the sweet and funny moments of their marriage. Get ready to embark on a really fun ride!!! 

You’ll find out…

  • My parent’s hardest seasons and why they were difficult
  • How my parents recovered from the fire
  • How they partnered together to handle work stressors
  • How my dad’s entrepreneurial spirit affected their marriage
  • Arguing with your partner and how to communicate what’s going on to your children
  • Teaching your kids to 100% delve into whatever they do, letting them make their own decisions/find their own interests and why it’s imperative
  • What my parent’s thought I was going to do when I grew up and why
  • My parent’s feelings on mine and my siblings’ marriages
  • Whether or not my parents went to marriage counseling
  • How my parent’s upbringing affected the way they parented my siblings and me
  • My parent’s reflection on their marriage and how they’ve impacted one another

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