Meetings with Meaning with Bret Johnson

Hey there. Thanks for joining me in this edition of Build Your Tribe. You are in for a treat, my friends.  Today, you will be hearing from my partner. He is my partner in parenting, my partner in life and my partner in business. You get to hear from the other half of Team Johnson. Actually, there’s a lot of team members who make up Team Johnson. But today, you’ll be hearing from my husband, Bret. And we have been in business together for, well gosh, well honey, like 15 years or more? Yeah.

And we have very unique skills that we both bring to the table. Obviously, each of us have our own strengths. And I’ve always said that when two people can be married, and have a partnership, and if they can also work together and have a partnership, like that is amazing because I’m sure you’ve already figured out, opposites attract. And where we’re often weak in our own skills as it relates to our business. Typically, our partner is strong in those areas. You know, when you have two couples who are married or, you know, romantic partnerships, typically, one person’s very analytical, one person’s very – fly by the seat of their pants, one person’s really good at numbers, and one person’s really great at communication, one person is, “let’s go for it,” and the other person is, “let’s analyze this and think about it.

I think partnerships in business even when you’re not married, if you can partner with someone who has the opposite skills of you, and a little bit different personality in the way of doing things, those are the most successful partnerships.

And it’s awesome when you’re actually married to somebody, who’s I interested in business. Today, you’ll be hearing from my husband Bret, about meetings, how to have a great meetings. But before I turn it over to my homeboy, my main man, I want you to know this, a lot of times, especially, because you’re listening. I know you’re the entrepreneur, right? And I believe entrepreneurs are born and created. And a lot of times, it takes the person who was born with this, it’s like, it’s been in your DNA, you had your first Lemonade Stand and, you know, that lit your fire for entrepreneurship.

But sometimes, people have to be introducing to it. And often times, those who are entrepreneurs. We take the wrong thing to get our partners excited about. And we want them to be excited about all the same things that we’re excited about, and when they’re not, we think well, “they’re just – they don’t understand my business, they don’t get it, they don’t support me.” When the truth is, it’s probably, you messed up, you probably try to get them interested in an area, that isn’t their strength, isn’t what’s of interest to them, it doesn’t – it doesn’t get their attention, and they’re not passionate about it.

So I want you to listen to this episode, but I also want you to think about that. If you’ve ever felt like, your partner doesn’t understand your business, or doesn’t support your ideas, your entrepreneurship, consider if maybe you’ve been talking to them about pieces of it that just aren’t that interesting to them. And pick another avenue.

Okay, without further ado, my husband, my partner, Bret Johnson.

Bret Johnson:  Hi, my name is Bret Johnson. And today, I’m taking over Build Your Tribe. And I’m going to talk to you a little bit, about something that, Chalene and I over the years, running companies, being in lots of negotiations, planning lots of events, seminars or meetings. There’s lots of books out there about meetings, how you should conduct them.  Here’s what we’re going to do; I’m going to give you about eight tips on how to have a more productive meeting and how to really feel like at the end of the meeting that, they’re was purpose behind the meeting, and you just weren’t there to fill some time….. to get the rest of the interview, click play above!

….. I guarantee if you follow these eight steps, you don’t do the things – those mistakes, and you’re going to have amazing, productive meetings. Now go kick some ass.

Well, I know you love that episode with my husband, and I’m hoping to be able to get him back on Build Your Tribe because honestly you hear from me all the time, my face is on the website, but this machine wouldn’t run, we wouldn’t be the company that we are if it wasn’t for the other half.

And I think it’s important sometimes to hear from the other half, you know, the person who maybe represents something a little closer to your personality and your style.

So if you enjoyed this episode, can I ask a favor of you? Can I ask you to rate the podcast on iTunes and specifically mention this episode with Bret. Remember that when you go back into iTunes, I do have two podcasts, so look for the Build Your Tribe podcast and specifically mention this episode with Bret if you loved it, leave us your feedback there, and I’ll be hitting refresh on my phone pretty much all day. I love you guys. Thank you so much. It is always my goal to be brief, to be bright, to make it fun, and then be done. So we’re done.


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