Podcast – From Personal Trainer to 8 figure Mega Brand in 5 years with Adi Arezzini of Teami Blends ⎮ Part 1

Today, I interview Adi Arezzini, CEO and co-founder of Teami Blends. At the age of 23, while serving in the Israeli Army, Adi experienced a lot of digestive issues. So, with a background in health and fitness, she set out to find a natural solution to her angry digestive system. And 5 years ago, with the help of her co-founder, Teami Blends was born! Adi is down to earth AND a total go-getter! I know you’ll fall in love with her just like I did!

You’ll find out…

  • Why Adi didn’t go to college
  • The money mindset Adi grew up around
  • What values around money does Adi anticipate she will pass on to her kids one day
  • Adi’s experience / training in the Israeli Defense Forces and how it shaped her for the future
  • How did Adi get into fitness after moving to the United States after serving in the IDF?
  • Why did Adi create her own business after having a successful run in many aspects of personal training
  • When did Adi’s digestive issues begin and the course of action she took to learn and conquer
  • The beginning stages of Adi’s business, including how she met her business partner



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