Podcast – How to Memorize Your Content for a Speech or Live Video

Have you ever watched someone go live on Instagram or give a speech at a seminar and wonder, “WOW! How do they do that so seamlessly?!” If yes, well then you’re in luck today! In this episode of Build Your Tribe, I’ll share my own individual personal system for speaking live — whether it be on video or from the stage! 


You’ll find out…

  • My preparation for teaching on a live Story
  • How to not waste people’s time when live on social
  • What is story matching and how I utilize it when speaking
  • The Windshield Wiper Technique
  • What I DON’T memorize before I go live
  • How to be so prepared on stage that if your PowerPoint were to die, you can wing it
  • How to best incorporate slides into your presentation
  • What people remember most about your talk
  • The only part of my speech that I try to memorize
  • How I use the voice memo app to practice my speeches
  • A personal life-changing anecdote speaking at my first business event, in front of my mentor
  • Why it’s imperative to know where you’re going in your speech — with supportive examples
  • How I use imagery as a sense memory technique when speaking from stage
  • At what point I begin to relax re: my upcoming speech and incorporate some funny into my routine
  • The value of being YOU when communicating to an audience


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