Podcast – When You Mess Up as a Parent, with Dr. Mcayla Sarno

Parenting is, perhaps, the most humbling job imaginable — with so many potential pitfalls when it comes to raising a good human. While it’s impossible not to mess up as parents, from time to time, what really matters is how we deal with it moving forward. Today, I welcome back Dr. Mcayla Sarno to discuss how to repair possible hurt or damage that we, as parents, may have caused our children.


You’ll find out:

  • The biggest mistakes parents mistake when admitting to messing up
  • How to handle moments of frustration when your kids are very young
  • How to apologize the right way (as a parent)
  • Why being consistent as a parent (in your actions and words) is so important to kids
  • Why / when saying I love you to your kids loses its importance
  • The conscientious decision Bret and I made re: yelling at our kids
  • How to say sorry to your kids without losing their trust
  • The impact yelling and shouting has on your children
  • How to change the dynamic in the home (if your pattern has been to yell at your kids)
  • What we’re teaching our children when we do say I’m sorry
  • What to ask from your kids, if anything, after you apologize
  • What happens when parents don’t take responsibility for their actions / mistakes
  • How we can become an accomplice even when we don’t think we did anything wrong
  • How to handle when your adult child explains something you did wrong as a parent
  • The most painful thing you can hear as a parent (from your child)



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