Podcast – Is the Negativity and Mob Mentality Taking Over Social Media?

Today, I examine the motivation and catalyst behind the ever-growing popular trend of building social media platforms on the basis of criticizing, slandering, analyzing, gossiping, bullying or otherwise destroying people of notoriety. No industry is safe — whether it’s personal development, fitness, rap music, MLM’s, motivational speakers, thought leaders, reality tv stars, makeup artists or true crime YouTubers. If you reach the top, you can expect that someone will try and capitalize on your real and perceived flaws. In addition to covering why this is all happening, I’ll provide tips on how to handle this toxic culture.



You’ll find out:

  • The story behind the recent suicide of an Influencer
  • When I first noticed this unfortunate trend
  • The difference between reporting and slander
  • What is punching up
  • The reason why we’re naturally drawn to this unhealthy trend
  • Why — if even for a moment — we feel better seeing someone being taken down
  • Why we gossip / slander
  • My statement on social and to personal friends re: sharing this type of content with me



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