Podcast – Is the Negativity and Mob Mentality Taking Over Social Media?

Mob mentality, hatred, cancel culture, online bullies and the insatiable desire to watch someone fail or make a mistake — in social media — is the topic I tackle today. Clearly, this trend is overwhelmingly negative and unhealthy, but I also cover which aspects, if any, may lead to positive changes in society.


You’ll find out:

  • Why it’s so easy to assume things are facts because of your sources (without doing additional research)
  • Who matters to me
  • How this generation experiences fame vs prior generations
  • Examples of influencers who committed suicide due to hate from the mob
  • Why suicide is never about one thing
  • Why so many people young adults, especially  are filled with fear for saying or doing the wrong thing and be destroyed (even if they have no fame)
  • What to do if you’re worried about people coming for you
  • What happens every time I open up YouTube these days
  • What I’m really worried about
  • Why it seems people are afraid to have their own opinion
  • Why, I think, this trend is really happening and how it has to do with our biology
  • How the pandemic has exacerbated this whole trend
  • What my silence really means (for example, not speaking out on a popular / heated news trend)
  • When, last year, I was really confused in my thinking
  • Why I’m worried about where we’re headed
  • What my friend, Dr. Mcayla and her community of psychologists and psychiatrists, have noticed about this trend / movement
  • My thoughts on where to go from here (and my personal vow)
  • Why I give you permission to say nothing



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