Podcast – So, Money is Tight and Tensions are High

Living paycheck to paycheck is, believe it or not, something I can relate to. I remember the feelings of shame (credit cards declined at the grocery store!), embarrassment, fear and desperation. Well, today I’ll share major tips that Bret and I followed to get ourselves out of crazy debt and, eventually, start making and saving money.


You’ll also find out:

  • My backstory around money and always shooting for financial independence
  • The moment I realized something was insanely wrong with our finances
  • 411 on the 5 Day Reseller Challenge at Chalene.com/challenge
  • Success stories from my students who participated in previous flipping challenges
  • How I plan to participate in the 5 Day Reseller Challenge
  • The importance of knowing your monthly net income
  • Why you must categorize your expenditures by reviewing your credit card statements
  • How to categories said expenditures
  • The best place for you to start saving money




Important Links from the Show

Join my family for a 5 Day Reseller Challenge at Chalene.com/challenge

Budget Checklist

The Build Your Tribe Episode with the mom who sold leftover crafts!

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