Better than Botox Nutrition with the Nutritionista Monica Parodi | Eliminating 3 food and replacing them with 3 Healthy food to Lose Weight and Improve your Youthful Appearance

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In this amazing interview, I talk to Monica Parodi about her journey from a fast junkie to a leading nutrition expert. Monica teaches that nutrition doesn’t just help the health of your body, but also your beauty. In this episode she’ll share with you her tips about shifting from an unhealthy fast food diet to healthy nutrition based diet.



Topics discussed:COVER4.2

  • How Monica changed her life with nutrition
  • How she changed her diet from fast food junkie to a nutrition based lifestyle
  • How to teach your kids about health and get them excited to eat healthy food!
  • Monica discusses how her cancer scare changed her life and subsequently her children’s
  • How she made the transition to eating healthier foods and how you can, too
  • How to get your family on board with eating healthier
  • Monica shares what her beauty robbers are, the foods we consume that steal your beauty!
  • 3 foods to avoid – the “beauty robbers” that are stealing from your beauty
  • Where beauty robbers are hiding in your food
  • Foods you need to get more of to restore your beauty
  • How you incorporate more of these foods into your diet and where to find them
  • How to deal with social situations, going out to eat, and people who don’t understand your lifestyle change
  • How to make this an easy transition


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Time Codes:

0:08 Get to know the Nutritionista

0:59 Who is Monica Parodi?

3:04 Let’s take a look at Monica’s nutrition five years ago

4:03 The turning point

5:41 How she got hold of her bad eating habits

7:05 Wanna be better? Research

7:55 The value of educating your kids on nutrition

9:12 How to avoid food rebellion in your kids

10:47 Empower to make good choices

12:16 Beauty and nutrition

13:00 The Role of food in our physical appearance

14:27 Three things that apseed up aging

14:57 The Beauty Robbers

16:02 Hidden sugars you need to be aware of

16:31 Sweet tooth alternatives

17:47 Skip those dairies, or else

19:23 Free nose job. Just lose the dairy.

20:05 Get rid of your refined oils and trans fats

21:06 What to use and how to use those oils

21:51 Take note of these: Foods to restore beauty

23:43 Eat more greens!

24:56 Take the healthy fats

26:57 How to eat healthy when in a crowd who eats poorly

28:15 Want to learn more about Monica’s diets?

30:59 Closing words


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