Podcast – 6 Morning Habits for Weight Loss with Shawn Stevenson


Morning Habits: Water, Weight Loss, Meditation, Exercise & More 

Get 6 morning habits to help you lose weight. Today, I’m talking with my guest Shawn Stevenson, sleep and weight loss expert from “The Model Health Show,” and we’re busting myths and talking best practices for morning habits that promote productivity and weight loss. We’re talking water, sleep, meditation, putting fat in your coffee, how and when to break your fast, the best exercise in the morning and more!

I’m excited to be interviewing Shawn today! He’s a regularly featured guest on The Chalene Show and someone I love talking to because of the awareness he brings to the importance of sleep in good health. I also love the common belief we share that health is about so much more than working out. And fat loss isn’t just about nutrition or workouts either. It’s your morning habits. It’s how you start your day.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Morning Habits for Weight Loss & Better Health:

  • 6 Morning Habits for Weight Loss.
  • Morning Habit #1: Fuel your circulation. (1:54)
  • What is water induced thermogenesis? How water can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%. (2:16)
  • Should you drink warm or cold water? Does it really matter? (3:45)
  • How to trigger the habit of drinking more water. (5:15)
  • Morning Habit #2: Feed your mind. (6:30)
  • What NOT to feed your mind with and what to avoid doing first thing in the morning for optimal health and productivity. (8:20)
  • Morning Habit #3: Focus your power. (10:50)
  • Different types of meditation and how morning meditation can help you sleep better, stay asleep longer, and improve insomnia. (13:30)
  • Why you shouldn’t meditate where you sleep. (14:30)
  • Morning Habit #4: Fire up your metabolism. (17:40)
  • The importance of muscle in aging better and recovering from injuries faster. (18:18)
  • Should you exercise in the morning and what type is best? (19:00)
  • Morning Habit #5: Fortify your health. (24:00)
  • Why the first thing you eat in the morning matters most, what you should start your day with, and the role macro and micro nutrients play in this. (24:31)
  • The type of coffee you’re drinking affects your health. Find out how and if adding fat to your coffee is actually beneficial. (27:50)
  • Food is medicine. Therefore, if your doctor isn’t asking you about what you’re eating when you don’t feel well, you might consider looking at your food. (30:00)
  • How to break your fast and what to break it with for optimal health and fat loss. (34:30)
  • The importance of fat in your diet. (37:00)
  • Morning Habit #6: Fulfill your mission. (40:50)
  • Myths and misconceptions about cortisol, stress, and its role in weight gain. (46:00)

morning habits

I hope you find this interview as powerful as I did. I find the information Shawn shares with us so helpful, because sometimes you just need an on-ramp. You don’t have to change all of your habits at once. Simply make it a practice to start taking on better habits one at a time.


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