Morning Rituals

So I’ve been a little bit of a phony. I’ve preached to my followers to have a morning ritual.  For years I had the same morning ritual that started my day.  But the honest truth is, I haven’t been completely honest for the last year or so and I want to share that with you.

I was struggling to stay awake… like to the point of it not being safe for me to drive.  So as you know, I had a bunch of studies done, including brain test and sleep studies and the doctors found that I definitely have inattentive ADD.  What wasn’t good about the brain scans was that I had visible bumps, dimples and toxicity in my brain.  The only thing that the doctors could attribute it to was either something going on chemically, or that I had a sleep disorder.

I told my followers for years that I was going to bed at 9:30 and getting up at 4:30.  Well, half of that is true.  I was actually falling asleep around 11:30 or midnight so I wasn’t getting the amount of rest I needed.  So here’s what my ritual looks like now. I typically get up around 6:45 am and I try to allow to myself to get up naturally.  I have coffee in bed with my husband, which is SO crazy.  I then start my day with exercise which helps me feel happy, productive, and patient.  The next thing I do is prayer and meditation.  Next, I go upstairs and I make the BIG list! I take out note card and I write down everything that needs to be done.  Then from that master list I write out the 3 things that have to get done that day.  3 and only 3.

This is how I make each day as productive as it can be!

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