Top 3 Morning Rituals for Entrepreneurs & Podcast Masterminds vs Bookclubs

Today’s episode has two separate – yet, equally awesome – parts. We’re going to talk a little bit about how to make sense of and organize all of the podcasts in your life and I’m also going to provide you with 3 daily habits for the entrepreneur. So, let’s get started!

One of my listeners had a wonderful idea for a podcast “book club”! Jen Delvaux has started a Facebook group where entrepreneurs get together and discuss business podcast episodes every week. Pretty cool, huh? It’s called Jen’s PodSquad for Personal Development and you can find the group HERE.

While you can join Jen’s group right now, you could also start your own online podcast club with people that you already know. If you want to do that, here are some basic procedural guidelines that I think you should include:

  1. As the moderator, you should suggest 1-2 podcasts for the group to listen to as well
  2. You should also suggest a general discussion topic
  3. Assign episodes on Monday
  4. On Fridays, stop by again and provide any thoughts or actionable ideas that you’re going to implement

Also, every group needs rules because people don’t always know how to conduct themselves online. Here are some rules that I would make sure to include:

  1. No soliciting
  2. No offering your opinion unless you listened to the podcast
  3. Be polite
  4. Keep conversations on topic

Lastly, Jen asked a question about 3 morning habits that pertain specifically to entrepreneurs.

3 Daily Rituals for Entrepreneurs

1. First 30 minutes of the day, while everyone is asleep and while I’m getting ready, listen to business podcasts.

While multitasking isn’t a good idea, you CAN combine “mindless” and “mindful” activities. For example, listen to a podcast while in the shower or while blowdrying your hair! #duh

2. Make your bed.

I know this seems simple, but making your bed is a trigger to your brain that your life and your day is super organized. Also, it shows respect for the space in which you rest and will allow you more peace and comfort the following night.

3. Meditate or plan your day.

I’m still getting the hang of meditating, but I am already seeing the benefits that it has on my ability to focus and remember things. So, I would suggest that you should meditate, but if you’re not there yet, then you should definitely plan your day and prioritize the three things that have to happen TODAY. Of course, you should always be focused on your PUSH goal.

* * *

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