Morning Rituals

Today we’re talking about developing three important morning rituals that you should practice every day. You’ll feel more in control and you’ll have more balance and happiness in your day-to-day life.

1) Make your bed every day (and make your kids make their own beds!)

When you make your bed, you start your day with order. Your bed is the place where you rest and recover, so it’s important that we take care of that space and respect the importance of sleep. If you get in this habit, you’re going to feel organized and accomplished right away – it only take 30 to 60 seconds!

2) Start every day with movement

Movement is a drug: it makes you happier, more creative, more patient, it clears your mind. If someone could market a pill that could do all of those things, wouldn’t you take that drug? Well, guess what? That drug exists – it’s free! It’s called exercise. You can dance, stretch, go up and down your stairs 10 times… just find something to do that will get you moving.

3) Plan Your Day

Spend at least 15 minutes in quiet solitude just focusing on what you need to accomplish today. Sitting in my car works perfectly for me – engine off, radio off, just in silence. If you can meditate, great for you! If not, just “be” in one space and relax. (That’s not always easy.) After sitting in silence, praying, or just letting my mind wander, I look at my day and see what I have to do (appointments, pressing deadlines) and then I reverse-engineer everything else. First I list everything that I want to do, I just get it all down – I call it my “brain dump”. Then, ask yourself, “What must get done today?” Once you’ve answered that, you know how to prioritize the rest of your day. If you have nothing super pressing, then you can choose something from lower on the list and attack that. (I’m always looking to work towards my Push Goal.)

By following these three simple rituals, you’re going to feel more productive, more energized, and happier! Teach you children, your friends, and your team – everybody will benefit.

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