Podcast – A Mother / Daughter Chat about Confidence, Therapy, Body Image, and Labels

My 19-year-old daughter, Cierra, is my guest today. You’re going to hear a very candid, honest, and open conversation between us. Our chat covers such topics ranging from confidence, therapy, body image, parenting, to so much more. I have a feeling  you’ll love it as we take you down memory lane. If you’re a parent (or thinking of becoming one), this episode is a must listen!!!

You’ll hear topics ranging from…

  • Kids raised in households where parents hold them to a high standard
  • The importance of letting your kids be who they want to be from a very young age
  • How Cierra applied her own individuality in school
  • Why “bullying” has become a catch all term
  • The reason behind Cierra starting track
  • How and when I knew Cierra was becoming obsessive with track
  • Should you allow your kids to quit what they’ve signed up for?
  • How Brock began to show OCD tendencies at 7 years old and how Bret and I dealt with it
  • Why Cierra felt the need to be constantly productive
  • The 2 main (and most important) qualities Cierra credits Bret and I having as parents
  • Thoughts on therapy for the whole family
  • Body image for females in competitive sports
  • How both kids and parents wrap their identities in the sport
    the child participates in
  • The shocking realization about why female track athletes wear so little


Mother Daughther Chat Chalene Johnson & Cierra

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