Motivation, Discipline, and Habits | How to Maintain these Things

Motivation, discipline and habit are 3 things we all know we need, but struggle with.

I get asked about these 3 things all the time.
I want to start with the top… the head honcho.  And that’s habit.
It’s our ultimate goal.  Habit is when something becomes routine.  You don’t even think about what you’re doing.  You just do it.
I want to take a step back and remind you that our brains are inundated with information and sounds all day long.  It all has to be processed by your brain, and by the end of the day, our brains are completely on overload.
Neurologically, habit is a function of your brain allowing you to think less.  Its stored in a part of your brain that allows you to perform without having to think.
Discipline is the stage just before habit.  It takes discipline to develop a habit.
Its when we are forcing ourselves to do something we either don’t want to do, it doesn’t feel natural. It requires a thought process.
Motivation actually aint that great, and it’s actually not really that big of a deal.  Motivation is kind of your why.
But unfortunately people put to much weight in motivation.  Meaning, people think that there is going to be the impactful moment or feeling that is going to jump start their motivation to do or not do something.
The reality is that motivation comes and go’s.  It fluctuates depending on the circumstance.
For example, you’re more motivated to push away a second helping if you have a trip coming up where you’re gonna be in a bikini; or you’re more motivated to make yourself presentable and do your makeup when you know your photo is going to be taken.
All motivation does is help you be more disciplined.
In this episode I help you create a plan for improving motivation, so you can become more disciplined, and the things you WANT to become habits, do.

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