Podcast – “So, How Long Do I Have to Live?” ⎮ Mr. Worldwide and His Bride

What if you (or a loved one) were told you only had 18 months to live? This is exactly what happened to Darren Delvaux — husband of my very close friend, Jen. I’m sharing with you today an episode from their podcast, Mr. Worldwide and His Bride. In this episode, the Delvauxs tell the story of when Darren was given the news he only had 18 months to live. The amazing takeaways you’ll hear are sure to prove helpful to anyone experiencing medical issues — whether your own, a friend, or family member. Be prepared for a tremendously touching and inspiring look into one couples way of dealing with something so difficult. 


You’ll find out:

  • The symptoms (and story surrounding) that led to Darren seeking medical attention
  • How Darren handled his initial prognosis
  • Jen’s #1 tip in looking for a doctor
  • Why it’s crucial to wait for the pathology
  • How your attitude and overall health play a big role in healing
  • The advancements in medical technology (and how they’ve played a role in Darren’s health)
  • Why you should listen to your body (AKA the doc may not be right)
  • How and why Darren’s outlook on his prognosis has changed over the years
  • Why Darren insisted on going to his most recent doctor’s appt without Jen
  • What Darren has done for his last 2 surgeries which he feels really helped him beat his prognosis
  • The time I made Jen film Darren snowboard shirtless (too funny)



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