Multitasking That Makes Sense

In this episode Chalene takes you on the road with her! (Well..sorta.) This episode was recorded in her car!!! On her way home, using a decide called a Rode Microphone.  She talks to you about multitasking while she multitasks. Pretty neat, huh?

When is it appropriate to multitask? When is it NOT appropriate? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you might find that you’re spending a lot of time multitasking when you would actually be more productive focusing on one task.  Chalene received incredible responses to the 3 part series of learning how to focus and be the most productive you can be.  However, one of the things people were still asking about was multitasking.

The truth is, when you are performing activities that require focus and creativity from the brain, you are unable to multitask.  Your brain cannot focus on 2 things at the same time.  When you think your multitasking, your actually toggling back and forth between the 2 tasks.  Which means each task is getting a very small amount of your attention and therefore not being completed to the same level as if you were to just focus on that one particular task.

However, there are certain times that you CAN multitask.  For example responding to email on a recumbent bike, or doing something physical with your friends as opposed to going out and drinking.

So, this is the part of the show notes where you put your headphones on and multitask in style while listening to The Chalene Show!

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