Podcast – My 5-Minute Presentation Formula

On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, I share my personal framework — which I call, “The Five Minute Formula” — to prepare for a presentation. This basic template can be used to convey an idea or solve a problem wherever you’re speaking — whether it be webinars or Instagram Stories! 

Now,  be sure to listen to Thursday’s episode where both Brock and I share our own individual, more in-depth, formulas for preparing to sell to an audience from the stage or from video!


You’ll find out…

  • Why you must be relatable (immediately) when speaking to your audience
  • What is identifying a shared problem
  • The value of making a quick promise when you’re speaking
  • What kind of authority (i.e., credentials) you should establish for yourself
  • Why it’s imperative to declare the “problem” and how you solved it
  • The rule of threes and fives
  • Why you have to describe what’s possible if the problem is solved and what happens if it’s not
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make when speaking — whether it’s from the stage or Facebook Live
  • Why your talk should end with a Call To Action (and it need not be a sell)



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