Podcast – My Dad Interviews Me!

I continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of messages I receive about my parents, Bill and Marge. Mostly, that you want a lot more of them on my podcasts. Well, you’re in luck! Today, my dad, Bill Melvin, interviews me! His questions prove super interesting and unique… making for a surprising, funny, and, at times, deep conversation. This episode is truly unlike anything I have ever done!


Some of our conversation covers….

  • One big mistake I’ve made in my life that I would change if I could
  • How my dad taught me the value of things, from money to antiques
  • How family heirlooms seem to be a thing of the past
  • In what order of significance do I place love, honesty, loyalty, happiness, and money?
  • How important do I (and Bill) think college is to success in life
  • How my childhood has impacted my life
  • The most important value my parents instilled in my siblings and I
  • Just how much of a wild child I might’ve been
  • How being the first born affected my life (and that of my siblings)
  • Memories of my grandparents
  • How important dance has been in my life
  • The role music has played for me over the years
  • My need to be creative and constantly improve upon it
  • The time my parents enrolled me (as a 4th grader) in Toastmasters and why



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