Podcast – My Daily Routine

There was a time when my daily routine contributed to a serious health scare which, then, forced me to switch things up. So, why have I decided to go back to some of my old ways? In today’s CarSmart, you’ll get all the scoop and find out makes up a typical day in my life!


You’ll hear…

  • My little prayer to the moms of little ones
  • A brief review of my old schedule and health scare
  • Why I decided to get back to waking up super early again
  • Details of what my morning routine consists of today (from wakeup time to audio books to water to journaling to schedule and more)
  • Why I have a personal trainer now for the 1st time ever
  • What my gym routine consists of today
  • What’s on my general to-do list and how it differs by day
  • How I keep my mornings only about growth
  • How Bret honors my need to be alone
  • What my evenings look like
  • Why Bret and I only trust Dry Farm Wines for our wine consumption
  • How I plan for the morning the night before
  • What I do if I don’t get enough sleep
  • How the latter part of my week differs from the beginning
  • How my team caters to how my brain works



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