My Story

My Story

If we’re just getting to know each other, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I wanted to take this podcast episode to share my story with you. With that said, I want to know about YOU too! Please leave me a comment below, and tell me about you!

So I grew up in Michigan, the daughter of an entrepreneur. What was so amazing about my upbringing was that it taught me to just go for things in life and to JUST DO IT! I learned at a young age that I could recreate myself and offer specific services to people through my strengths. At a young age I had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. My degree is in Justice Morality and Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.18.28 PMconstitutional democracy and while in college I met my husband, Bret Johnson. We met a week after he transferred to Michigan State. After graduating, we jumped in my Honda and drove to California where I started as a paralegal. My goal was to pursue a law degree. To keep myself busy, I started teaching fitness classes, and surprisingly… I was not good!!! Funny right! So I just started taking classes from great instructors and learning what made them great. Eventually I did get hired and my classes started to grow. Around this same time, I started to really not enjoy being a paralegal. So I started a personal training outsourcing company teaching other trainers to train people at home. I also started teaching this class that I called TurboKick. It was a mix of hip-hop, kickboxing, and anaerobic drills. I started realizing that group fitness teachinginstructors were spending an incredible amount of time putting together their classes, and what If I did that for them!? So I started creating workouts and eventually Bret ended up leaving his job so we could work together to build this business. We started our certification company and we were teaching other instructors this style. Our business grew and we started to build a culture around TurboKick. Success unfortunately brought on such an overwhelming sense of obligation to so many people and I was unable to invest time in my family. My health and my relationships started to suffer. I found myself unhappy distant and not sure what to do and how to fix it.

2013-06-30 Chalene 596So Bret and I created a blueprint to dissemble the prison I had built around us. We realized that we needed to sell our company to someone that could continue what I had created and honor it. Eventually we sold our company to BeachBody. We continue to work with BeachBody and we still are involved in making sure things follow our original vision. This has allowed us to live our lives! We now have our company Team Johnson in which we teach and help others to avoid the pitfalls we experienced. The Internet has allowed us to build a secondary business that has purpose and I can follow my calling and share what I’ve learned with other people. We now have peace, and are able to live the life we’ve imagined. We’re able to be present with each other and our kids. I’m a woman of faith, a wife, a mom, and a sister.

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Time Codes:
0:40 Intro
0:59 Chalene’s rappin’?
2:06 Already know who Chalene is? Go save yourself some 30 minutes
2:46 So who really is Chalene Johnson?
4:08 My first taste of entrepreneurship
5:09 Guess what my first official business was
6:14 Would you even think that there is such a degree in college?
6:32 How I met my handsome husband
7:30 The blessing in disguise of me not getting through to law school
8:15 Hear this, we survived long distance relationship
8:45 I knew I can get good at teaching fitness classes
9:48 If you’re not great, learn from the great, simple.
10:24 The day I knew that being fitness class teacher is my cup of tea
11:24 In-Home Personal Training
11:52 How Turbo Kick was born
13:22 Jazzercise fitness model
13:52 Our husband-wife synergy
15:49 Relationship first before anything else
16:56 Relationship is what makes a successful business
18:40 The phenomenal growth of the business
20:44 The overwhelming sense of obligation
21:38 If you want to live a life, learn to delegate
22:45 My breaking point
23:25 Why the Beach Body offer was better than the others
24:21 You can be successful but unhappy
25:56 My definition of “REAL” success
26:21 How disassemble your own prison
28:35 Welcome to Team Johnson
30:24 Why the internet has been such a blessing for us and our business
32:36 “It’s not fame that always brings people money”
35:15 Now it’s your turn, who are you?


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