Podcast – How to Read More Books and My Top 12 Book Picks

Recently, I discovered that I’ve been reading books far more frequently than ever before. This habit has brought immense value and joy to my life! Because of which, I decided to provide tips on how you, too, can read more. In addition, I’ll share 12 books I read this year that opened up (and expanded) my mind and heart. Now, more than ever, we need to be reading books as they provide a healthy escape from everyday life, including: social media, television and the news.


You’ll also find out:

  • Why I’ve been reading more than I ever have
  • Why those born after 1990 don’t understand what real boredom feels like
  • Why people are reading less and less
  • How many books I read on average
  • My permission to quit reading a book (and when you should)
  • How I’ve been able to read more books this year than ever before
  • Why I feel I have an obligation to teach people how to use social media responsibly
  • How I recommend to listen to an audible book
  • Why it’s crucial to set aside time for a book every day (and how much time that should be)
  • Why I recommend listening to books
  • Why I read books by authors whose perspective I may not understand
  • My book recommendations, both for audible and hard copy



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