Podcast – Negative People Protection Plan

I’ve noticed that most people who take the time to listen to podcasts — especially if they’re geared toward personal development — tend to err on the side of positivity. But why is it so often the case that positive people attract negative people? Today, I’ll share strategies that’ll help protect you from those with a negative mindset. AKA — The Negative People Protection Plan!


You’ll also find out:

  • Different kinds of negative people
  • Why I feel negative people have sought me out over the years
  • Why people might share an untruth and/or something negative about you to YOU (and how to react)
  • Why someone might come at you with vengeance
  • The worst thing you can do when someone tries to undermine you
  • How I’ve reacted in the past to negative people / scenarios
  • Why negative people often have a very demanding and needy nature
  • How I learned not to let negative people take away my energy
  • When compassion isn’t the answer in a relationship
  • Why I believe you can’t, personally, change negative people



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