Podcast – Why Network Marketing Gets a Bad Reputation and How to Fix it and Prosper with Ray Higdon

If you’ve ever wondered about multi-level marketing or thought to yourself, “You know, that’s something that people who aren’t true entrepreneurs get started with,” this episode will definitely change your mind. Ray Higdon is my guest today, and he is someone who is a true entrepreneur. He was very successful in real estate, had many entrepreneurial successes before finding himself over $1 million in debt. I dig deep to understand how it was network marketing that actually helped him to rebuild an empire and develop a completely separate brand identity. Ray is known as one of the top authorities when it comes to network marketing, he teaches other people and other organizations how to build a personal brand and how to be successful, from an entrepreneur’s perspective.


You’ll learn:

  • How Ray got into network marketing
  • Why network marketing is the lowest risk, lowest overhead way for the average person to start a business
  • The key to making it as an entrepreneur
  • Why you need to learn to execute not learn to learn and what that means
  • Why you might feel like network marketing isn’t working for you
  • The power of slow success stories and why fast success stories of the 5%er’s might be discouraging
  • The importance of sharing your downs and how to do it wisely
  • How to properly motivate people to take action
  • Ray’s relationship with money
  • The value of your personal brand, what it looks like and common mistakes
  • How to use curiosity marketing to start conversations
  • The demographic in network marketing and the advantages/disadvantages different people have
  • Introverts vs extroverts in network marketing


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