Podcast – Are You Never on Time or Always Early | Car Smart Edition

In this CarSmart episode, you’ll be a fly on the wall (or in the car, to be exact) as Bret and I debate our way to an appointment. Listen, as I try to defend my reverse-engineering-time theory, admit that I’m a “time optimist,” and disclose my thoughts on a 30-day digital detox (which I’m considering)! God bless, Bret… he continues to struggle with my time management skills. And I have no idea why. Get ready to laugh!!!



You’ll also hear…

  • The details behind how I reverse engineer time
  • What is a “time optimist” (which I am)
  • Why and how I need to be better at being on time
  • What I think about being too early
  • Examples of my ADD and how I easily get distracted
  • Whether or not I would consider a 30-day digital detox and what that would look like
  • The differences between how teens and (older) adults regard their phones and social media, in general


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